ProfiMasking Image Editing: How to Place Orders

  Data Transfer:
- We mainly work with B2B clients for commercial image editing that involves many / high volume images.
  Therefore a normal http image upload  is not practical for our clients, and we normally do data transfer with
  FTP or other data transfer tools such as Dropbox or Wetransfer etc. as Dropbox or Wetransfer etc.

- Please email us or use our online contact form-to touch base with us with your requirements and you will receive a personal access for
  data transmission from us after we receive your contact request.

  Job Debriefing
- You debrief us the job requirements either per our order management portal or per emails. If there is an agreed requirement
  for the project, we will just finish the work according to the requirements.

  Download Finished Work
- Depends on the agreement we made clients for each project, there are various ways clients are informed about and to download the finished
  worked. Clients can get a download link from us, or data will be sent with Transferwise / Dropbox etc., or we can just upload the
  finished work to the Finished Work Folder FTP prior to agreed timeline.