1. How can I upload my images?

When you want to place an order you have two possibilities to upload your images:

a.) In case you have only a couple of images or the total data size is less than 10MB, you can upload your images via HTTP. For this you have a pop-up window where you can choose between FTP and HTTP upload. When you choose HTTP, then you can search and upload your images from your computer via mouse click. Please do not forget to add your order and image editing requirements.

b.) You can also upload your images via FTP manager. In most cases FTP is useful for orders with big data size or large numbers of images. To upload your images via FTP, you need FTP manager software that is available in the internet free of charge. The most common FTP manager software is Filezilla for Windows and Fetch for Mac. Again, please do not forget to add your order and image editing requirements. The upload will not be done via the internet browser but via your FTP manager.
Login: ftp.profimasking.de + Account name and password.

2. I cannot upload my images via FTP manager?

In some cases it is possible that you cannot upload your images via FTP. Your settings on your computer may not allow you to do so. Please check your system settings in order to allow FTP access and data sharing. Please use the most frequently used FTP manager such as Filezilla for Windows and Fetch for Mac. ProfiMasking uses both programes without any problems for years. For more information on how to use the FTP manager please consult one of the numerous tutorials on the web.

Please make sure that you have always typed in your correct account name and password.

In case you have still problems with your FTP manager please write an e-mail to us.

3. How can I download my finished images?

ProfiMasking offers two possibilities to download your finished images:

a.) We will send you a download link via e-mail. You can download your images as .zip file.

b.) We will send you an e-mail with a message that your images are finished and are ready for download on your FTP account.

In some cases we can also offer you to upload the finished images on your server. ProfiMasking will only offer this in exceptional cases and only after prior consultation.

4. What image editing services do ProfiMasking offer?

ProfiMasking is a full service image editing service provider. Besides clipping path and masking ProfiMasking offers a comprehensive retouching service (e.g. beauty retouching, digital surgery, image restoration, collages, vectorizing images (vector graphics) as well as a special Online Store Optimization and film / video editing (e.g. rotoscoping). You will find all information on image editing on our web site. You can also find more information on our page Editing Photos.

For more information on photo editing and retouching service please click on the following links: Premium Retouching, Standard Retouching, Photomontage, and Photo Editing.

5. Does ProfiMasking offer an express service for very urgent orders?

In general, ProfiMasking edits all images within 24 hours / 48 hours (max.). In case of very urgent orders, you can click on express service when placing an order via the system. Please make sure that you tell us by what time you need the images so that your images are edited with priority. For more information on the prices for this service please consult the page on Prices.

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