Image Editing Services

Image Editing Services

Professional Photo Editing Services

Our photo editing service covers different levels of graphic work in photo editing - from simple clipping path, masking and vector graphics to photomontage and high-end retouching. ProfiMasking is your reliable source and partner for all kinds of graphic work.

Our professional photos editing services cover:

Clipping path

Clipping path

Clipping Path & Background Replacement

We offer:

Precise clipping path with low prices
High capacity (for big volume) and quick turnaround time



Image Masking Service after
Image Masking Service before


Image Masking Service:

Professional experience in Layer / Alpha Channel Masking at low price. See our Hair / Fur Masking Service and Transparent Object Masking Service.

ProfiMasking can also create color masks and help you to change the colors of your product images professionally.

Vector Graphic Service after
Vector Graphic Service before


Vector Graphic Service

Raster Image Vectorization for Logos, hand drawn sketches and photos



Image Masking Service: Retouching after
Image Masking Service: Retouching before



We offer Basic / Standard Retouching as lower cost solution for clients with high volume images for retouching (i.e. for E-Commerce) and High-end Retouching for high resolution and advanced retouching for print / marketing campaigns or for premium products. Some specific retouching service we offer includes:

Car Retouching
Beauty Retouching
Jewelry Retouching
Industrial Retouching
Food Retouching


Photomontage Services

Our photo montage teams not just mix different images, we artistically combine objects, replace backgrounds, manipulate lighting or colors, arrang different angle, light, shadow, color and contrast. Professional photo composition not only requires skills but also needed a lot of time and efforts. For perfect photo collage and image montage, we have extremely talented and experienced teams with advanced photomontage techniques. Utilizing advanced photo editing skills, we deliver each photo montage project with high quality at quick turnaround time.



Hollowman / Neck Joint


Hollowman / Neck Joint Services

The Hollowman Retouching (also called Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint) combines the advantages of model photography and laydown techniques. Neck joint services cut out the cloth from mannequin body leaving the background white and also reveals the labels or tags which are not visible when on the body. The result is a more sculptured and more realistic representation without the distraction of a mannequin

Color Correction, Shadowing and Reflections after
Color Correction, Shadowing and Reflections before


Color Correction, Shadowing and Reflections

The photo color correction services are for commercial photography projects which need fast turnaround and quality photo editing services. We adjust shadows, tones, white balance and other color settings on your photos, and also Add Drop Shadows or Create Product Reflections per your needs.



Photo Editing and Optimization Services

Photo Editing and Optimization Services

Our photo editing service consists of a variety of photo editing work offers color, light and contrast adjustment, photo retouching, photo cleaning, photo enhancement, photo restoration as well as photomontage.

Manual Image Vectorization Services


Manual Image Vectorization Services

For the most accurate and best possible quality vector image conversions, our hand drawn service is the way to go. Let our expert, experienced designers quickly and accurately re draw every line and detail in your image.



Photo Restoration Services after
Photo Restoration Services before



Photo Restoration Services

We offer high quality restoration and photo enhancement services at very affordable cost. Our advanced methods ensure non-destructive photo restoration. Whether it is old photos, vintage photos, damaged photos, blurred photos, photo with abnormal exposures, lost pixels or any other deformity, we have the team and technology to restore them with high quality.