Hollowman Neck Joint and Retouching

Hollowman / Neck Joint / Invisible Mannequin Services

The Hollowman Retouching (also called Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint) combines the advantages of model photography and laydown techniques. Neck joint services cut out the cloth from mannequin body leaving the background white and also reveals the labels or tags which are not visible when on the body. The result is a more sculptured and more realistic representation without the distraction of a mannequin

Hollowman Retouching – How does it work?

1. The input we need is the pack shot photo of the cloth, the photo of the neck where the labels are, and any other interior close-ups where you want to present in the final product image.

2. We will do the retouching, remove the mannequin, do the neck joint and show the interior material.

3. A the final stage we further retouch the image per client request to make the product image shiny.




Hollowman Retouching – T-Shirt

Original T-Shirt was dressed on a real person. Hollowman retouching does not require professional models but make the product appears professionally.

Hollowman Retouching – T-Shirt after
Hollowman Retouching – T-Shirt before

Invisible Mannequin Retouching after
Invisible Mannequin Retouching before





Invisible Mannequin Retouching

In the example the mannequin was removed and the neck part which was covered by the mannequin was also made up.



Ghost Mannequin Retouching

After the mannequin was removed the product appears much more professional in its online presentation.

Ghost Mannequin Retouching after
Ghost Mannequin Retouching before

Hollowman Neck Joint and Retouching after
Hollowman Neck Joint and Retouching before



Hollowman Neck Joint and Retouching

After the Hollowman image editing was done, if you want the product image to appear more professionally, we can further retouch the cloth to enhance the look.