About Us

ProfiMasking is a Germany based company with production facilities in Asia. We provide professional digital image editing services for all kinds of images to be used in print (catalogues, leaflets, flyers, newspapers, etc.) and graphic design wor. We offer professional clipping path creation, masking, image vectorization and retouching services. ProfiMasking is your business partner for cost efficient, professional and successful print and online communications.

1. Why ProfiMasking?

We are locally around you.Our service team is based in Germany and offers services in English and German. For customers in Europe, you can just consider that you have a local service team for you (for order processing, technical support, billing and everything).

- Our graphic artists are very experienced professionals in clipping path creation, masking, image vectorization and retouching work.
  We have robust capacity in handling high volume image editing work.
- A separate team of professional graphic experts takes on complicated, high-end retouching / graphic work. 
- Every piece of finished work goes through a strict quality control process to ensure premium quality. Customer satisfaction is what we care
  about the most.

Speed – Short order processing lead time 
- Your pictures will be processed within short turnaround time. Depending on the volume and complexity of your requirements
   sometimes we just need a couple of hours to finish the work. 
- Our service team in Europe is available within normal working hours/days from Monday to Friday. Individual orders can also
   be processed during the weekends can also be processed during the weekends
- Express service is available upon request. 
- Quick & flexible upload/download methods via FTP, Dropbox or Wetransfer etc.

Top Price/Quality Value - Best prices with premium quality
- We offer Top-Quality image editing service at very competitive prices. For large volume orders we offer further substantial
  discounts for clients.

Absolute Customer Oriented Services 
- Our service team is very customer oriented, available, responsive and professionally competent in helping you out with the
  service solutions that you need.

2. How may you benefit from ProfiMasking?

- Image Editing competence: Whether you have only a couple of pictures that you want to optimize or large amount of images for clipping path
  creation, masking or retouching, ProfiMasking offers comprehensive digital image editing solutions to meet your business needs. 

- Cost savings: ProfiMasking saves your costs in image editing. You can focus your resources on the most important work and projects. 

- Time savings: ProfiMasking takes care of the most effort and time consuming clipping and masking work for you.Especially when it
  comes to cases with extraordinary high image processing workload for designers, photo studios, agencies and online stores.