The term Masking is used to describe the process of extracting one or more objects of an image from the background. Photo or image masking is usually used when the edges of the objects are not sharp enough or not well defined and when the pen tool is not an adequate solution to extract the object from the background, such as hair, fur, feather or transparent objects. We use different masking tools to extract an object from its background.

In many cases photo or image masking is also used for creating color correction masks. As the name suggests, masks hide or show parts of an object or image in order to change the colors or do further image editing work of the selected objects, i.e. color correction or other retouching and image editing work.

Besides masking, ProfiMasking can also do professional coloring of your products after creating the masks. Our team can seamlessly change your product colors in the way you want.

Please follow the link Editing Photos Service for more information on our image editing service. For more specific work examples please follow the section Image Editing Demo.

Masking / Coloring services:

  • Precise color correction masking for objects with clearly defined edges
  • Alpha channel masking for professional masking of objects with not clearly defined edges such as hair or fur.
  • Coloring your products into any other colors you want.
  • 3D modeling and rendering of colors and texture changes.
  • Masking and cartoon coloring

Color correction masking:

We develop color correction masks according to your needs, so that you can do further color corrections or image editing work.

masking before
masking after
masking before
masking after
masking after

Masking, Coloring and adjusting textures and profiles of your product images:

The demand for changing product colors is very high, esp. when the product or product line consists of many colors or fabrics.

ProfiMasking masking services change the colors, fabrics or texture of your products/images. Simple color change of the products is relatively easy with color correction masks. However, in most cases you need professionals because not only colors but also textures/fabrics need to be changed. Our coloring experts will help you to achieve perfect results with their special skills and experiences.

I. Photoshop (2D) solution

Image masking: the parts of the object that remain in the original color, are masked. Alpha channel masking for fur .
Coloring of product image: Color and texture are changed. The adjustment of the texture is most complex part.
Lifestyle image
Image masking + Coloring + change of texture/fabric
Masking + Coloring before
Masking + Coloring after

II. 3D Modeling solution

In many cases a Photoshop masking solution is not enough to meet the high requirements of a professional product image coloring. Therefore we develop 3D models.

The service is particularly designed for those websites and online stores that want to allow its users to create their own configuration and style of products with different colors, textures and sizes such as furniture or cars and accessories.

We develop 3D models of your product and then apply different colors, textures onto the product images according to your needs.

Coloring of your product according to your needs
With the 3D Modeling solution you can configure a chair with different wood profile and fabrics/colors.
We can also develop a 3D view with different light, contrasts and shadows.

Cartoon Coloring and general coloring:

Cartoon Coloring is an additional masking service. We develop not only masks for those parts in the picture that need to be changed (color correction) but also do the coloring according to your needs.

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