Optimize your online product presentation

(website/online store)

Improve your online presentation-> improve your turnover-> higher profit margin

We optimize your online product presentation (online store) to ensure customers buying at your store because of your professional website presentation.

Why is the optimization of your online product presentation important?

The image and design of your online store is important to successfully sell products or services via the internet. Only professional online product presentations will convince consumers to consider and then buy products or services at your online store for a good price. ProfiMasking image editing services is dedicated to optimize your online product presentation. Why?

  • - Improve your brand and online store image and convince consumers to buy at your online store.
  • - Consumer buying decisions are based on professional product presentations incl. attractive product images (besides the product itself and price)
  • - Confidence, image and top products lead to higher profit margins and growth!

In the following examples we will present to you how our service can enhance your online store presentation or website. You can substantially improve your product presentation without re-building your complete website.

Service portfolio I: Clipping path (Removal of product background)

You can present your products more professionally and more consistently by simply removing the background of your products.

Clipping path - before
Clipping path - after
  1. Your product presentation in your online store is more simple, clear, consistent and just looks more professionally.
  2. Background removal (clipping path) is a cost-efficient way of making your online store to look more professionally - this level of basic image editing is sufficient for most online stores. You do not need a premium presentation if you only have a limited budget.

Service portfolio II: Edit the product background, colors (masking), photomontage

1. Change colors and edit product background:

For many products and depending on the product category, product images need to be combined with different backgrounds, images or colours. A professional change of your lifestyle enviroment image is quite difficult because the product image has to be adjusted to the new background image - color, light, contrast and graphic angle adjustments, etc. Our objective is to make your product images look as authentic as possible.

Original product image (before)
Target pattern 1 / Target pattern 2
New lifestyle environment
After (target pattern 1)
After (target pattern 2)
Original product image B (before)
New lifestyle environment
  1. The new images will give your products a new and fresh look as well a more premium feel and image.
  2. Taking this image editing service into account, you will save costs on professional photographers, rent for photo studios and post production.
    ProfiMasking will provide you an all-in one service.

2. Masking of colors and patterns:

2.1) 2D Photoshop image solutions

Masking product colors is relatively easy - applying patterns and profiles is much more difficult and complex. For this kind of work you need professional support. If you want us to color and to apply patterns on your original product images, we need your color codes and examples of patterns to develop a comprehensive product collection. This service is dedicated to those online stores that offer product design with different colors and patterns or textures.

Original image
Image with new color and pattern
Original image
Image with new color and pattern
2.2) 3D Modelling - Rendering of colors and patterns

We build a 3D model of your products first and then render the different patterns, textures, colours and design for those parts of the product that you want.


This service will enable you,

  • - ... to change the patterns, textures and design of your products professionally and not only colors.
  • - ... to present your products from different angles and dimensions + add or change light and shadow.
  • - ... to present all your product combinations (product collection) in different colors and design (see example chairs) at low costs.
    We will build a 3D model only once and then render new colors, textures, patterns and design - you need to provide all color codes and patterns for our data control model.

3. Professional photomontage:

3.1) For this type of service we only need some image elements that we integrate in the photo to make your product image look more attractive and creative.
3.2) We can also integrate product images in one model, so that the customer will get an overview of the different products on offer (see model below).
  • The first example of photomontage shows you how you can integrate your creativity into the product images. A new presentation design.
  • The second example shows you how your customers can get a much better overview of your different products on offer.

Service portfolio III: Fine product retouching and implementation of adequate backgrounds

1. Premium retouching work:

Premium retouching work will present your products in a new and premium look. Do not underestimate what we can do with your original images. Please have a look at the images below [from left (original images) to right (after retouching)]:

2. Integrate adequate shadows, reflections and backgrounds:

The right background or shadow can make your product images look more elegant, premium and more attractive.

Retouching, adding shadows and newly developed backgrounds

We develop different backgrounds depending on your requirements and your preference.

Please compare the original image with the retouched image. A visual difference!


Unique design and premium feel of your website is especially important when you sell premium and high-priced products. Top quality retouched images are a central element of your website. In most cases, your product images need to be retouched after studio photoshoot. A high quality retouching work will improve the image and impression of your products.

A highly professional designed website (with attractive backgrounds) will not only improve the image of your single products but also enhance the presentation of your whole website - due to consistent product presentation with same backgrounds. Similar to established brands that have build a consistent brand look and feel, you have to build a consistent website presentation.

Combination of different image editing services (Example from reference project)

  • Step 1:

    Removal of background from original images because the images were taken from different photographers at different times. It was not possible to build a consistent look and feel. Therefore, the whole product presentation was not professional.

  • Step 2:

    Retouch product images. Every single image needed to look high quality, elegant and perfect.

  • Step 3:

    Design adequate backgrounds and implement shadows for a more attractive design.

Even a standardized Ebay shop can look more attractive if you build on attractive design for the whole product presentation.

After all the image editing steps, you can see that we have built a very professional and high-quality website. Based on all the work you will be able to enhance your image, increase your turnover and profits.

Original online store
Original product presentation of the online store

Steps 1+2: Removal of original background and fine retouching work of product images

Step 3: Implementation of adequate backgrounds and shadows

Implementation of backgrounds for Ebay shop (consistent look)

How does the service work for my online store?

- Please choose the service that fits your requirements and your budget. Please also let us know the function and objectives of your website because we want to support you in the best possible way to find the most cost-efficient solution.

- Based on an intensive analysis of your online store and website as well as taking your requirements into consideration we will edit one or two sample images based on your images.

- After your confirmation of the sample images and suggestions we will edit all your product images according to the sample image.


Prices are divived in two categories:
  1. Suggestions and sample images: Package price of 50 Euro (net) or pricing according to project complexity and requirements. Output: suggestions for optimizing your product presentation, edit sample images incl. all communications.
  2. Volume production:

    If you are only interested in the removal of product backgrounds please visit our price page on our official website www.profimasking.com. We grant substantial discounts on high order volumes. If you are interested in a combination of our image editing services, then we will either send you a price quote based on the image complexity and your image requirements or we will send you a quote for a complete project.