Video / Film Editing - Retouching Service

In addition to clipping path and masking services, we also offer film and video editing as well as retouching services for professional port production studios and film production agencies. Our service offer includes the following:

1. Film and Video Editing Service:

We create masks (matte) and alpha channels for the images of your films - frame by frame. In detail, we offer:

Chroma Keying (green or blue screens):

We remove the green or blue background and its reflections from the frames.




In case your film or video was shot without the green or blue background, or you want alpha channels for specific parts of your film, we will create the outlines of the image and objects frame by frame. Whenever you need masks for very complex shapes, we create rotospline for you.

A typical example is the wire removal in Kung Fu films. Please click on the images below to view the video stream for the removal of wires in the film.



2. Digital Film Restoration / Retouching Service:

Regardless of the condition of the film (new or old), our restoration service will help you to remove or to retouch splices, scratches, dirt/dust, staining, fogging, warping, flicker, Water damage and other clean-up work for problem frames. Co lour correction is usually also part of the restoration process. Please click on the images below for more examples of the film restoration and retouching.



3. Additional post production service:

For video post production we partner up with a full-service digital post production house. The production team consists of highly skilled visual effects designers. Therefore, further post production work like photomontage, tracking and editing are all possible with us. Please send us your request if you have any specific questions or specific projects.


We use the following post production software (not exhaustive list):

Apple Shake
Adobe After Effects CS3
Avid DS
Quantel IQ
Autodesk's Combustion
Eyeon Digital Fusion


Hardware Equipment:

Please click on the image on the right for an overview of our hardware equipment. Our full service team offers full stream options in visual effects production. Please feel free to contact us for further projects.

Order process and data transfer

Please register with us first and you will have a free FTP account from us within some hours. Then you can log into your account and either place an order or just e-mail your requirements to us via e-mail. e-mail address: In parallel you can upload your data to the FTP server through your account that we set up for you.

For bigger or special projects we will assign a dedicated project manager who will work with your team through your whole project.

Delivery time and Pricing

The lead time and costs highly depend on the scope and complexity of your order. We will send you a quote and time estimation, soon after you placed the order. Our prices are very competitive.

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